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Hello, and welcome!

More than sixty five years after Independence, we are unable to assure millions of our citizens access to the most basic amenities, and reasonable hope for a better economic future. There are systematic political, administrative and socio-economic reasons for this failure, and we must recognise them, and work to overcome them.

Traditional democracy is simply too slow to respond to today's challenges; what we need instead an alternative that is focused on solving public problems. We must work together - in debating new ideas, technology development, planning, media, public administration, and many other areas - to build this new democracy, so that it is not only a form of government for the people and of the people, but also by the people.

I am interested in public problem solving, and the contribution of media, technology, education and civics to the way social challenges can be addressed. My approach to PPS is along two fronts - one, to increase the number of people who know the nature and extent of our social problems (through public information platforms, and through media), and two, to increase the number of people who know what some of the solutions could be (through new learning platforms, especially for civic education).

I invite you to join me in this collaboration. Please browse through this web site to learn about me and my work. I regularly engage in public chats on my Facebook profile (ashwin.mahesh), and I invite you to join me there.